Kyle Scott - Video Production Supervisor, CFL - Fanshawe College Advanced Filmmaking & Brock University Alumni.

My Brock Film Studies education was extremely valuable in many ways, but there is absolutely no chance I would be where I am today without the technical know-how and hands-on learning that the Advanced Filmmaking program at Fanshawe gave me.

Mitchell Brhelle - Writer/Director - Fanshawe College Advanced Filmmaking & University of Western Ontario Alumni.

As a university graduate, the Advanced Filmmaking program at Fanshawe was an incredibly welcome change of pace. It’s allowed me too focus on the hands-on aspect of filmmaking that I did not have the chance to learn while in University. The shift from reading theories and essay writing to producing content and connecting with my fellow filmmakers was exactly what I needed.

The environment of AFM is a lot more intimate than the university experience. You are always working in groups to create projects and receiving constant feedback from the professors. If you want to learn the ins and outs making a film, and  meet the people who are going to help you do it, there is no better place to go than Fanshawe’s Advanced Filmmaking program.

Mizuho Nakai - Fanshawe College Advanced Filmmaking & Brock University Alumni.

The Advanced Filmmaking program offered me the technical aspect of film TV, which complement the theoretical approach that I learned in film studies. The knowledge and practice that I learned in AFM provided me with not only do ways to bring those theories into reality but also a different set of career options for my future.

Adriana Skender - Set Decorator & IATSE member - Fanshawe College Advanced Filmmaking & Brock University Alumni.

I had an incredible experience while attending Fanshawe! I learned so much and made so many new friends. Fanshawe allowed me to see my potential in the film industry and helped me find the department that most interests me.  During the internship period of the program I was able to take my new skills over to the west coast and a year later I am now a member of the set dec department in IATSE working on a big-name show!

Ryan Haines - Video content Producer, Diply.com - Fanshawe College Advanced Filmmaking & Brock University Alumni.

Advanced Filmmaking is a hand-on experience that provides the knowledge and connections for a lifelong career in the industry.

Kevin Tuck - Fanshawe College Film Studies & Advanced Filmmaking Alumni.

AFM worked like a bootcamp for practically every aspect of film production. The hands-on experience with professional gear, and the insight that the experienced professors brought, both proved invaluable.

Eric MacDonald - Advanced Filmmaking Alumni.

Advanced Filmmaking is an amazing program. I learned the fundamentals of documentary and narrative filmmaking. AFM gives you access to equipment that is used in the film industry to help prepare you for a career in the field. I think that this program is a great stepping-stone for anyone interested in starting a film career.

Matt Scott - Fanshawe Broadcast Television & Advanced Filmmaking Alumni.

Advanced Filmmaking gave me the freedom to explore my options within the field. Fanshawe gave me the chance to use all the tools in my industry and learn to hone my skills towards what I really wanted to do.